19.5 pounds down, and 18 total body inches lost

“No cutting out carbs, no skipped meals, no cleanses or supplements - just being consistent and getting my butt to the gym.”
— Meredith

26 pounds and 33 total body inches lost

I am so happy to have found Maddie and her program ! I had no idea that I was trying to lose weight all kinds of wrong. Forget starving, I get to eat lots of food! I have learned about my body and the way it responds to what and how much I put in it. Yes, it takes work, dedication, and consistency, but checking in with Maddie on a weekly basis keeps me motivated and on track. Thanks to Maddie, I have the knowledge to keep my bod in check for the rest of my life!
— Deanna

9 pounds down

Madison is a highly dedicated and knowledgeable trainer. I was skeptical of doing an online coaching program but even through email and phone calls I felt Madison held me accountable which made me hold myself accountable, and drove me to excel with her program. I saw some pretty unbelievable changes in my body in 12 short weeks and am so thankful I gave her program a shot! Madison brought me out of my “cardio and light weight” comfort zone... I always believed I would lose weight doing more cardio and high reps/light weight but she pushed me towards less cardio/heavier weight lifting and I saw the biggest weight loss and muscle gains ever! So thankful to have worked with Madison, and cannot wait to sign up for another 12 week program!
— Gabby

6 pounds and 20 total body inches lost

Working with Maddie has been great to get my body and weight revived. I’m still a work in progress but Maddie has helped me tremendously to know where I need to be and not starve myself. I have more energy and muscle. I’m learning the correct proportion of macros that work for me to stay fueled and build muscle. I’m so excited to see where this journey takes me and I couldn’t do it without her guidance. I love the flexibility of eating what works for my body and the ease of online workouts. I highly recommend this program to anyone ready to see a change!
— Amanda

20 total pounds and over 27 inches lost

I started training with Maddie in January 2014. At the time I didn’t really have any goals other than to “look good”. After spending time with Madison I realized there is so much more to fitness/exercise than looking good. I was and still am very impressed with Madison’s knowledge and passion to help her clients. She is constantly researching and learning about the fitness industry. At times she seems tough but that’s just because she knows how far she can push me! I truly miss the one on one time with her in the gym, but she offers a great online nutrition and workout program. She has taught me so much about nutrition and how to fuel your body. In my time with Madison I have grown both physically and mentally. I am amazed by her dedication to make me better. She deserves the best compliments.

Thanks Maddie!!!
— Lindsay