My practical nutrition and training programs guide you toward your goals, allowing you to flourish along the way. with my help, you will Take control of your own journey & actually enjoy the process.


Hi there! I’m madison.


"I am so happy to have found Maddie and her program ! I had no idea that I was trying to lose weight all kinds of wrong. Forget starving, I get to eat lots of food! I have learned about my body and the way it responds to what and how much I put in it. Yes, it takes work, dedication, and consistency, but checking in with Maddie on a weekly basis keeps me motivated and on track. Thanks to Maddie, I  have the knowledge to keep my bod in check for the rest of my life!"



Do you ever feel lost when it comes to your health, fitness, body, or all of the above? Like you can’t make a change no matter how hard you try? Or you just have no idea where to start? I’ve been there, too. Before I started personal training, I had no clue what it took to lose 10 pounds or what it meant to get “toned”. I just knew what I wanted to look like. I’d dream for it every day, without ever putting it into action.

Then, I got educated. I learned how to lift weights (and actually started to enjoy it)! I learned how to meal prep, and how to get results without starving myself or doing hours of cardio every day. The results started coming - more quickly than I even thought possible - simply from staying consistent and holding myself accountable day after day. And guess what? YOU CAN DO IT TOO.

I teach my clients the basic principles of weight training and nutrition. No matter what their goal may be: weight loss/gain, body recomposition/”toning”, muscle growth, etc., I’m here to guide you along the most optimal path to reach that goal while also prioritizing your health and happiness along the way! Together, we will create a healthy, sustainable nutrition and exercise program you can truly enjoy and follow long-term.

No crash diets.

No strict list of “allowed” or “not allowed” foods.

No endless amounts of cardio.

Sound good to you? Let me show you the way!